Commercial Solar Films

Northwest Window Tinting has installed solar protection window films to many commercial buildings, providing an all year round solution to solar control related problems. We at Northwest Window Tinting can reduce heat and glare by up to 90% making the business environment more comfortable for your employees and customers.

Case Study 1


McDonalds contacted Northwest Window Tinting because the heat and glare was unbearable inside the restaurant. We installed our Silver 20% window film to the glass of McDonalds to give the sitting dinners a more comfortable eating experience, by reducing the heat gain and glare by over 80%.

Case Study 2

A drainage company at Liverpool Docks approached Northwest Window Tinting because they had problems with the heat and glare inside their office, also they wanted the window film to give privacy during the daytime hours. As you can see the window film ticked all the boxes.

Case Study 3

A Generator company contacted Northwest Window Tinting to reduce the heat and glare, their main problem was glare on computer screens, we installed our silver 20% which reduced the glare by over 80%.

Case Study 4

An IT company contacted Northwest Window Tinting because they wanted their boardroom more private, we installed frosted window film to stop people looking in on important meetings.

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